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MiniChess by Kasparov : The Adventures of Cheddar the Chess Mouse

Kids learn to play chess with the colourful, fun game “MiniChess by Kasparov” – Endorsed by Grandmaster Garry Kasparov and based on the successful in-school program “MiniChess” – Kids learn through PLAY! Improving their maths, science and life skills.

Take Cheddar the Mouse on a fun journey of discovery as he meets new friends and solves exciting puzzles that help him learn the basics of chess. Even kids as young as five can enjoy playing with Cheddar. He makes learning so much fun and so easy. With over 80 different and exciting mini games to play!

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Educational Benefits of Kasparov-MiniChess, the game:

Mathematics Development

— Adding and Subtracting

— Division

— Multiplication

— Introducing numbers

— Counting

— Categorizing

Algebraic Concepts and Pre-Concepts

— Spatial Orientation / Directions

— Graph Reading & Coordinates

Pre-Reading & Writing Skills

— Shape recognition

— Fine motor skills/ hand-eye coordination

— Word and sound recognition (Listening exercises)

— Visual memory

Life Skills Development

— Creativity

— Colour and Pattern recognition

— Steriognostic development

— Planning & Strategic thinking

— Reasoning & Problem solving

— Comprehension


Development Detail:

Product development by Marisa van der Merwe (Developer of the Award-winning Educational Program MiniChess).

Endorsed by Chess Grandmaster and former World Chess Champion – Garry Kasparov.

Developed and published by the reputable HeroCraft.
Producer – Alexander Kovalchuk
Project Manager – Sergey Koshelnikov

Concept Design – Michelle Robbertse
Script Writing – Gregory Blyth.



Download the pamphlet here: Kasparov-MiniChess