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Lewis Chess Men
This wonderful movie clip was developed by Harrison Yager, Ellyn Loyed and Andrew Masters. Checkmate The National Museums of Scotland has a wonderful presentation on the Uig Chess men. For a bit of fun click on the picture below to access their page.  
Chess Board Maths (with rice)
A power point document explaining the mathematical process of determining the volume of rice  required to fill the chess board through multiplying - related in the story of chess featuring early in our MiniChess program. Download Chess Board Maths Article Here
Study Report: Mvelaphanda, South Africa, 2011
This study was done in co-opperation of the University of Pretoria and Child Psycologist, Joreta Parsons in 2011. It was done at Mvelaphanda Pre-school and Day care centre, situated in a low-income area in the Tembisa township outside Pretoria. After just a few weeks of running the MiniChess initiative at this school, significant results were [...]
Chess and Autism
Chess club helping young minds To find out more about the wonderful work Mind Moves is doing, visit their website by clicking on the logo below…
Chess Improves Reading Abilities
Chess is the Gymnasium of the mind - Read this interesting article posted on the FIDE website regarding the impact that chess has on a young mind and how it improves their reading as well as averages in school.
FIDE – The Benefits of Chess (Powerpoint Presentation)
A compelling and insightful powerpoint presentation about the benefits of chess, as explained by FIDE (World Chess Federation) the Benefits of Chess
The Effect of Math & Chess Integrated Instruction on Math Scores
“This study examined the effect on pupils’ math scores when a truly integrated math and chess workbook was used as an instructional practice workbook. The results show that the integrated math and chess workbook significantly increased math scores.” by John Buky, Educational Consultant and Frank Ho, Canada certified math teacher Download The Effect of Math and [...]
School Ready, Steady, Play
Background One of South Africa’s greatest challenges is the ability to properly prepare pre-schoolers for school so that they will become successful learners and will ultimately contribute to a higher pass rate and improved capabilities of our population. School readiness is currently being tested in a variety of ways and pre-school teachers use many different [...]
Chess as an intervention in Mathematics and Science Education
CHESS AS A LOGIC AND LATERAL THINKING TRAINING INTERVENTION FOR MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE EDUCATION IN SOUTH AFRICA     K. Kemm, C. Cloete Dept of Construction Economics University of Pretoria (SOUTH AFRICA), Abstract For some years now, in South Africa, a major thrust has been underway to improve educational performance at all levels. This [...]
Benefits of Chess
The benefits of incorporating chess into the school curriculum - A collection of studies and papers on chess and education. Compiled by Patrick S. McDonald, Youth coordinator for the Ontario Chess Association and Youth coordinator for the chess Federation of Canada. View the pdf. here → Benefits of chess_screen