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NEW PROGRAMME – MindCo Unlimited Information Letter

INNOVATIVE TRAINING METHODOLOGY: MindCo. uses creative, complex & dynamic PLAY, combined with Inter-active group-learning and FUN, for continued professional development for CHAMPIONS of the 21st Century workplace – the 4th Industrial Revolution. The program’s game-play component is social, non-threatening and FUN, taking participants out of their comfort zones while activating creative situational-learning. These lessons are […]

MiniChess Information Letters

The purpose of this information sheet is to briefly highlight some of the measurable successes of the MiniChess® educational program since initiating roll-out in 2011. – English version – Afrikaans version

UJ MiniChess study 2016

University of Johannesburg did a research study on the MiniChess program and its influence on mathematics knowledge acquisition and cognitive development among foundation phase learners. The study was done by Professor Kakoma Luneta (UJ), Dr P. Giannakopoulos (UNISA), Mrs S. Coetsee (UJ) and Mr G. Cheva (UJ) There were 3 distinct aspects where the UJ-study […]

Children of the Dawn MC 2015 Results

Children of the Dawn, Ermelo: “In addition to the improvement in the school results, valuable life skills are being provided in the latter years of Minichess, e.g. planning, control of emotions and strategizing skills. These are skills that the learners would not necessarily learn in the normal school environment and cannot be captured in the […]

NY Times Article: Kids Learn Through Play
By DAVID KOHN MAY 16, 2015 TWENTY years ago, kids in preschool, kindergarten and even first and second grade spent much of their time playing: building with blocks, drawing or creating imaginary worlds, in their own heads or with classmates. But increasingly, these activities are being abandoned for the teacher-led, didactic instruction typically used in higher grades. [...]
MiniChess Today
To briefly highlight some of the measurable successes of the MiniChess educational program since its inception in 2010, take a look at our "MiniChess Today" presentation here University Studies and Participation The University of Pretoria performed a MiniChess impact study on School-readiness. The study results below illustrate the impact (%) on holistic early childhood development, doing [...]
Study Report 2014: Children of the Dawn

“Minichess started in Ermelo, with very high hopes as we completed an impact assessment of the 2014 Minichess activities. Among others, the assessment showed that when analysing the year-to-year improvement of Grade R-3 learners with both 2013 and 2014 reports, we observe a year-to-year growth of 40% in Overall average evaluation and 17% growth in Mathematics. This […]

The Difference Between MiniChess & Chess
It is very important not to confuse MiniChess with chess. MiniChess is a Curriculum based educational programme impacting 5-9 year old learners in a positive way by building on their foundation and investing in their future. Chess is a sport. Here are some more major differences:
MiniChess Teacher Comments
The Minichess Presentation
MiniChess is an award winning educational program. This power point holds some of the international and national research results to date. Click to view Minichess research results